with all due respect, i'm not keen on giving internet stalker folk my full name right on my homepage
so hi, i'm isg :-)
i'm a 16 year old online creative specializing in event organization, music, and the visual arts.
i've been doing work as a lead event organizer with my favorite people ever over at the AC Community since early 2020, most of my tangible work can be seen over there.
but in short, i like to put together meaningful community experiences small and large -- from things like a run of the mill music competition to a 3.5 hour long community awards show or a 2 day music festival featuring 10+ artists.
i've also been working with Frontier Recordings (AC imprint) since 2018 as an A&R (and more recently as a staff manager).
more personally i make music with my buddies as SERVICER, or occasionally on my own as Sevvy. i've been producing music for the better part of a decade now and i have my gaze set to study audio engineering at Ithaca College (let's hope, i suppose).
if that doesn't work out, i'm working towards my student pilot license (---> recreational license soon thereafter) and planning to pursue a serious hobby if not career in aviation.
ok thanks for reading my shit i just really don't wanna write a resume or a CV right now hahahahahhahahahahaimnevergonnabeabletosecureajob

i have nothing more of value to say :D

<-- my silly ass

you can speak to me in english
puedes hablar conmigo en español
þú getur talað við mig á íslensku